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Digitize your

Providing open, collaborative solutions to help your business innovate & grow

Get organized insights from your data 

The partners at CPG Cloud can help you… 

Set Your Digital Strategy

Know your data.  Know your organization.  Know your industry's trends.

Our partners will wrangle your data assets and define how your organization manages the process - and create a customized strategy to 
empower your organization to meet it’s goals.

Define the Path Forward

Your customized roadmap to becoming a digital organization

Collaborate with our partners in developing a set of priorities that will enable your business to be more productive, get better insights, and create capacity for future innovations and growth.

Go Digital!

Program portfolio of prioritized projects that will enable your goals

It’s your business and we are flexible. Our partners can help manage the portfolio of projects, we can connect you with one of our preferred partners, or we can help you launch your Go Digital program.


Digital Assessment Readiness Tool

The partners at CPG Cloud follow a proven methodology to help your

organization Go Digital.  By working in collaboration with your team, our

partners define the weighted areas of your business that you want to assess.  Through one-on-one interviews and analysis, we wrangle up your current data process and provide a dashboard view of how your process matches your goals.  The Digital Assessment Readiness Tool (DART) allows for quick insights into where you can make the biggest impact and comes with a historical set of levers that can be pulled in order to simulate the transformation that your business needs.


The Federated Cloud:  Fact or Fiction?

See how partners at CPG Cloud collaborated on a project to harmonize retail data across multiple organizations without moving, extracting, or downloading data

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CPG Cloud Partners provide open, collaborative solutions to help industry executives make sense of their data needs, determine the best strategy to meet their corporate goals, and implement solutions that enable both cultural and technology/data success.

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